I have several things to share today so get ready for a little rambling here and there through the Black Belt and beyond…

First, let me mention that our Black Belt Treasures web site will be getting a fresh new look this weekend beginning on Friday evening. Our friends at the University of Alabama have been working for several weeks to prepare for this new updated look and the unveiling will soon be presented…thank you Jackson and Shawn. Can’t wait to see the results of your labor!!!

Next, I traveled to Birmingham recently for a few days and while there decided to visit a great little shop in Homewood called Alabama Goods. You may wonder why I would mention them in my blog since in a way we are competitors. Well, I mention them because they are doing a GREAT job representing artists from across Alabama! It appeared to me that most of their artists were from the Birmingham and North Alabama area but as I was “shopping” (yes, I had to buy just a couple of great pieces!), one of our artists, LaFawnda Watson came in with a few items. LaFawnda has been a Black Belt Treasures artist for a number of years. She lives in Selma and is very involved in work with the Children’s Hands On Museum there. She recently has created jewelry from sweet potatoes. We have several pieces here at Black Belt Treasures and she was showing similar items to Sherry at Alabama Goods. I don’t know if her work was accepted by Alabama Goods because I slipped out with my purchase so as not to be in the midst of their business discussion. Regardless, we have LaFawnda’s Sweet Potato Jewelry here at Black Belt Treasures. Check it out when you have a chance. You may just find a perfect accessory to your Spring wardrobe and for sure, you will have a conversation piece!

On my way to Birmingham, my daughter and I made a visit to the campus of the University of West Alabama. Yes, I know that’s a bit out-of-the-way but it was well worth the detour! Our journey to UWA was for the purpose of attending the Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction of author Mary Ward Brown, musician Willie Earl King, and scientist/educator George Washington Carver. What a wonderful experience! The contributions of these individuals to the Black Belt region and the State of Alabama are immeasurable! I have posted a few pictures from this great event.

Rick Asheron (far left) and Debbie Bond (far right), of Alabama Blues Project with Willie Earl King's daughters following the unveiling of his plaque.

Mary Ward Brown, far right, with son, Kirtley, granddaughter, Mary Hayes, and daughter-in-law, Susanna.

Dr. Wayne Flynt and Dana Chandler, archvist, Tuskegee University, unveil George Washington Carver's plaque

I’m sure I am forgetting something so plan on hearing from me again in the near future! Until then enjoy this beautiful spring day. And, if you need a rambling experience of your own, plan a trip to the Black Belt and a visit to Black Belt Treasures. The beauty you will see along the way will amaze you!